Jaimi King

Bachelor 21, BIP 4 | @Jaimiking

To be seen

I always love to hear from fans, even if it’s just to say that it was nice to see queer representation or if you just need someone to talk to. I’m always here!

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Video Message

You can purchase a short video message from me. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or just to make someones day.

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Audio Message

You can purchase a short audio clip from me. Give me give simple instructions like; please sing my girlfriend a happy birthday, or read a message aloud, the options are endless.

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Instagram story shoutout!!!

I’ll give a quick shoutout to you or a lose family or friend, tell joke, give a clue to a puzzle or directions to a recipe!

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Short Video Call

Maybe it’s girls night out and we’re pregamin, or you need a fabulous wingman, I’m your girl! Lets FaceTime!

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