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Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the FanBound Icers of the Ocho Hockey League.

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Personal Video Shoutout

You can purchase a short video from me. Give me simple instructions like; please wish my boyfriend a happy anniversary, or even roast my buddy for being horrible at fantasy football, the options are endless and please be creative.

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Be My Personal Guest at a Home Game

I will have 6 tickets available from will call. At a home game of your choice, You and your guests will have access to the locker room 1 hour prior and can come meet the guys

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Short Phone Call

You can purchase a short phone call with me. We will work together to find a convenient time and when it's time we will connect privately through our FanBound call system.

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Let's play Madden

Think you got what it take to beat an NFL great? Go a head to head against me in a not so friendly game of Madden NFL 20 -- No Crying!

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Signed NHL Hockey Puck

I will sign and mail you a personalized hockey puck.

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Send Me A Message

Send me the ultimate FanMail by sending me a direct message on Fanbound. I love to hear all of your thoughts and comments so keep them coming!

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Ask Me A Question

Send me a question or a message you want a response to. Ask away.

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