I am a multi-talented individual making people laugh on YouTube, creating fun and personal videos for individuals and businesses, writing motivational books, preaching and singing the gospel, raising money for various causes and serving a wife and family.

Big Man Tyrone

Big Man Tyrone | @bigmantyrone

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You can purchase a short video from me. Give me simple instructions like; please wish my boyfriend a happy anniversary, or even roast my buddy for being horrible at fantasy football, the options are endless and please be creative.

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Keep your mails coming as I would love to interact with you!

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You can purchase a short audio clip from me. Give me give simple instructions like; please sing my girlfriend a happy birthday, or read a message aloud, the options are endless.

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You can purchase a short phone call with me. We will work together to find a convenient time and when it's time we will connect privately through our FanBound call system.

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I will do a 5 minute call with you on Skype or WhatsApp.

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