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Highly prolific workout and beauty influencer across a wide range of social media. She created her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog in 2019. She expanded this into a YouTube channel later that year.

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You can purchase a short video from me. Give me simple instructions like; please wish my boyfriend a happy anniversary, or even roast my buddy for being horrible at fantasy football, the options are endless and please be creative.

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Season 2 Ep. 4 Abs On Fire Workout Video

Join me through the hardest most intense abs busting workout you'll do all year.

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Happy to promote your products on my personal Instagram account. You supply me the image and details of when you would like your product featured.

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Send me the ultimate FanMail by sending me a direct message on Fanbound. I love to hear all of your thoughts and comments so keep them coming!

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Send me a question or a message you want a response to. Ask away.

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