I love making people laugh with my straight talking, colourful expletives and terribly crafted ad libitum. Every dollar earned here will help me be with my family.

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Jon J Walters

90 Day Fiancé Survivalist | @jonjwalters

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Happy to chat with genuine fans of the show and supporters of my family here on fanbound. Cant wait to hear from you.

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I will deliver your message of bad news in the form of news broadcast video message. Ideal for flaking out, being brutally honest with a friend, quitting your job, or pranking a friend or partner or family members.

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a dumps worth of toilet paper

Whether you scrunch or fold, you can wipe your ass with this over priced toilet paper with the face of a narcissistic cunt on every sheet.

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NOVELTY toilet paper for entertainment purposes*.

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Give me your message and I’ll give you a song which I’ve created personally for you using 4 chords . Good news, bad news, love or celebrations. I’ll sing about anything FREE delivery .

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