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YouTube prankster. Many of the 21-year-old's videos are absurd stunts, like him counting to 10,000 in one day or punking his friends.

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Video: Jim Meets George (Unreleased)

Download the unreleased story that is absurdly annoying and poorly written but will have you in stitches from start to finish.

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Outtakes from 1/20/19 Podcast

Laugh your way through the entire show. Hear never before commentary of me an the boys losing control in the studio.

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Product Featured on my YoutubeBusiness

I will talk about your product and create a video for my personal YouTube account. Send me everything I need to know about your product lets make it shine!

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Video Message

You can purchase a short video from me. Give me simple instructions like; please wish my boyfriend a happy anniversary, or even roast my buddy for being horrible at fantasy football, the options are endless and please be creative.

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Audio Message

You can purchase a short audio clip from me. Give me give simple instructions like; please sing my girlfriend a happy birthday, or read a message aloud, the options are endless.

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Send Me A Message

Send me the ultimate FanMail by sending me a direct message on Fanbound. I love to hear all of your thoughts and comments so keep them coming!

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Ask Me A Question

Send me a question or a message you want a response to. Ask away.

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